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Jira is one of the most commonly used project management tools by software engineers in the United States and Europe. For this reason, it’s also frequently utilized by teams and departments outside of engineering. This is often due to an effort to keep all employees in the same software, as opposed to spreading work out in different platforms.

An intro to Jira links

Heavy users of Jira create dozens or even hundreds of links in a month. As a web-based application, Jira generates links for their project management boards, backlogs, issues, and tasks. Some Jira links are fewer than 50 characters long, but they aren’t intuitive. Tasks are automatically numerized, and the links to task cards include those numbers, which aren’t easy for team members to remember. Of course, in addition to links for issues and tasks, there are also links for boards. Some departments might only use two or three main boards, while others could need twenty or more boards to organize their work efficiently. For example, content marketing teams often have very different Kanban workflows for different types of content (blog posts versus YouTube videos). It can be time consuming to navigate inside of Jira to find the right boards, let alone the right tasks. In addition, there are tons of different pages inside of Jira that are vital to keeping tasks on track, and they all generate hard-to-find links: backlogs, burndown charts, epics, releases, and more. Because these things are hard to navigate to, even teams experienced in Jira are utilizing these resources, which leads to communication and collaboration challenges.

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