GoLinks Enterprise—scale productivity securely

GoLinks brings clarity to every team’s resources, surfaces shared knowledge, and eliminates poor productivity workflows.

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Seamless knowledge sharing company-wide

The most optimal way to connect people with their tools

Instant resource access and sharing

Instant resource access and sharing

GoLinks connects people with work information, democratizing knowledge and eliminating the need for personal management of resources.
Share verbally and visually

Share verbally and visually

Go links are intuitive to share on Zoom calls, town hall presentations, or hallway conversations.
Decrease new hire onboarding time

Decrease new hire onboarding time

New hires quickly acquire and retain company knowledge with GoLinks, speeding ramp time.
Company lexicon powering knowledge discovery

Company lexicon powering knowledge discovery

Create go links in your organization's unique language, seamlessly integrating them into your culture for effortless knowledge discovery.

“GoLinks is now seen as a driver of productivity. Once employees started using them, they appreciated the ease of use and wished we adopted them sooner.”

Brian McGuiness
Brian McGuiness,
Vice President, IT Operations
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Optimize saas spend

Increase the value of the tech stack you’re already paying for

Supercharge all web apps

Supercharge all web apps

Create go links for any web-based tools to bring value to every team, department, and role.
Less clicks, more productivity

Less clicks, more productivity

SaaS tools are underutilized because pages are tedious to navigate to, resulting in wasted SaaS spend.
Tech stack utilization clarity

Tech stack utilization clarity

Gauge real-time app usage within your tech stack through go links. Inform decisions on SaaS renewals and deprecations.
Unbroken employee experiences

Unbroken employee experiences

As your organization adopts new tools, GoLinks guarantees a seamless transition. Update the destination URL, allowing employees to maintain their go links — minimizing disruptions and IT inquiries.

“When you put out all that information, you want to know that people are using it. Because of the usage statistics with GoLinks, we’re able to do just that in a way that we weren’t able to before.”

Catherine Avendaño
Catherine Avendaño,
Head of Employee Communications & Experience
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Secure knowledge management

Protect your important links with privacy and data protection you can trust

Comprehensive, enterprise-grade security compliance

We keep your data in GoLinks safe and secure—SOC 2 Type II and GDPR compliant with recurring annual pen tests.
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SOC 2 Type II
2048 bit SSL encryption
Annual 3rd party security audit
GDPR and Privacy Shield compliance
Data loss prevention
Audit logs
Fault-tolerant AWS infastructure
99.95% uptime SLA
Decrease new hire onboarding time

Reduce risk exposure

Frequent link sharing can pose risks. GoLinks boosts security through URL concealment and authentication.
Company lexicon powering knowledge discovery

Granular set up and user controls

SSO with SCIM and role-based access. Workspace customization backed by a 99.95% uptime SLA.

GoLinks integrates seamlessly with your tech stack

Explore the full integrations gallery and build the exact workflow you need.
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Memorable short links

Get to any resource instantly using memorable go links shared by your entire org.

⚡ Instant resource access
🧠️ Intuitive knowledge sharing
💡 Information discovery
✨ AI-powered suggestions
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Enterprise search

Search across all your content hubs from one search bar—results powered by generative AI.

🔍️ Search across all work apps
✨ AI-powered results
🤖 AI conversational chat
⚡️ 100+ data connectors
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People knowledge

Find and discover information about the people of your org. Give recognition and celebrate achievements.

🙋‍♀️️ Employee profiles
👍️ Peer recognition
📈️ Employee engagement
✨ AI-powered search