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Google Drive is used by some of the world’s best companies. Team members collaborate on files simultaneously and share files amongst each other. While Google Drive offers unprecedented cloud-powered collaboration, it also yields thousands of files within each company, making important things hard to locate.

An intro to Google Drive links

Power users of Google Drive potentially produce dozens of links per month. A unique link is created for every folder and file, which includes Google sheets, Google forms, Google docs, and Google slides. The great thing about Google Drive links is that they can be easily shared with anyone—colleagues, clients, or friends. The downside is that Google Drive links are unsightly and impossible to remember. Each file link in Google Drive is 80 characters long, while folders are 76 characters. They’re filled with a string of letters and numbers to create endless combinations, so that there can be unique links for all the files of all users (there are over a billion users of Google Drive.) Because they aren’t easy to remember, Google Drive links are typically shared via email, Slack, task management software, and other written forms of online communication where the link can be clicked on or copied.

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