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Google Calendar is one of the most popular online calendars around the world. Because it integrates with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), which offers administrative management features for companies including Gmail and Google Drive, it is more useful than many other options for online calendars. Google Calendar makes it very easy to check the availability of anyone in your organization when scheduling events and to set up shared calendars for teams.

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Unlike other Google Workspace products like Google Drive and Google Docs, Google Calendar does not produce easy-to-share links. Events are not shareable via link unless you have manually set your calendar to be viewable to people outside of your organization. If you have not done so, then a link to an event in one person’s calendar will not open for another person, even if that person is an invited attendee to that event. However, event URLs are shareable within an organization, and you can get a shareable link for individual calendars and team calendars. You can set these links to be viewable only by people within your organization or with anyone in the world. For information workers, productivity hinges in part on the ability to quickly navigate to needed resources, and having many different Google Calendars (personal, family, team, department, project etc.) can complicate daily navigation. That’s why shareable calendar links especially for team- or company-wide calendars can make life simpler.

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